myIAKI // by CEIN

Another day of fulfilled purpose and continued happiness!


I have to say that my life was NOT always this good. What I mean by good isn’t a depiction of the external world but a feeling within myself that I cherish today and take very seriously. A purpose and promise from myself to myself to be the absolute best version of me I can possibly be and share that person and the ups and downs of my journey with others. Success and happiness is a state of mind!!!


A state of mind that can be cultivated and found on a daily basis. I choose to be grateful!! I choose to be happy!! No one can take that away from me. Now that I truly understand the art of gratitude I change situations that others might view as problematic into opportunities of growth.


Once I changed my perspective from what can I get to what can I was no longer about me and I have continued to be blessed outta control!!!


Perception is reality and my reality is at its finest.


Whoever is reading this I WISH YOU TRUE HAPPINESS!! I encourage you to positively effect other's lives and spread the message of happiness and gratitude wherever you go. IAKI everyday! Stay blessed my friends!!! DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY 😊


IAKI /eye-kai/: the desire to be happy and to create happiness for others.

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