About us


IAKI® is a community-built streetwear brand and media platform with a primary focus on People over Product.


Our fundamental mission remains unchanged since 2010:

Provide the best modern day apparel, support the preservation of “Give first mentality”, and inspire a global movement of living happy, joyous and FREEsh!

At our core, we believe love & happiness creates an indelible bond connecting everyone, inspiring people to focus first on what we can offer, rather than how this benefits me, so that our example & influence can be passed down to the next generation. “Give with no expectation and you’ll get what you deserve.”

They say, "the happy ones are the givers, not the takers." So give inspiration -> Be inspired & let’s all be happy! 

As cliche as it is, IAKI is really a vibe. It’s a mental state. Not everyone understands the importance of this vibe. Plus there’s not really an crazy fonts, scenic portraits or other eye catching images. Just a bold, but powerful, 4 letter word that means, "the desire to be happy & to create happiness for others” in Kabalarian Philosophy. Dress accordingly

Vibe with us and tap in to this frequency! It’ll change your perspective, priorities & most importantly change your life! 
Nice to meet you 🙏 Hope this message hits with you eventually. 



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The original logo was created in 2010. California, USA based father/daughter owned & operated business with roots from Alaska.  Our main priority is to give back to the community and to show love wherever it's needed most. Without expectation, being of service is our highest priority. I want to set a good example for my daughter and show her ways to God given talent and artistry with making a positive influence in the world. It also builds character and a good example for the future of our youth.

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Email: iakiclothing@gmail.com

Phone: 949-562-3031